About me

I’m a mathematician working on stochastic processes and their applications. I’m mainly interested in the study of stochastic models for biological, engineering and physical applications.

Since September 2023, I am Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences) at the Laboratoire d’Analyse et Mathématiques Appliquées (LAMA), at the Université Paris Est Créteil (aka Paris 12).

From December 2021 until August 2023, I was a postdoc at the IRMA, at Université de Strasbourg, under the supervision of Vlada Limic. My postdoc position was funded by the ITI IRMIA++. My postdoc project was focused on the study of near critical random graphs models.

I finished my PhD in Mathematics in December 2021 at CEREMADE, Université Paris-Dauphine and Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse, France. My PhD advisors were Djalil Chafaï and Simona Grusea. My PhD research was focused on the study of some properties of a class of interacting particle process modeling the evolution of a population in time with mutation and reproduction interactions.

My PhD thesis is entitled “Multi-allelic Moran models and quasi-stationary distributions” and a copy of it can be found here.

Download my resumé.

  • Mathematical models for biology
  • Interacting particle systems
  • Random graphs
  • Quasi-stationary distributions
  • Reliability theory
  • PhD in Mathematics, 2021

    Université Paris-Dauphine

  • MSc in Mathematics - Probability and Statistics, 2017

    University of Havana

  • BSc in Mathematics, 2015

    University of Havana


  • josue.corujo-rodriguez@u-pec.fr
  • LAMA, Université Paris Est Créteil, 61 Avenue du General de Gaulle, Créteil, 94010
  • Office P2-236 (2nd floor) in the Faculté des sciences et technologie building