Dynamics of a Fleming–Viot type particle system on the cycle graph


We study the Fleming–Viot particle process formed by $N$ interacting continuous-time asymmetric random walks on the cycle graph, with uniform killing. We show that this model has a remarkable exact solvability, despite the fact that it is non-reversible with non-explicit invariant distribution. Our main results include quantitative propagation of chaos and exponential ergodicity with explicit constants, as well as formulas for covariances at equilibrium in terms of the Chebyshev polynomials. We also obtain a bound uniform in time for the convergence of the proportion of particles in each state when the number of particles goes to infinity.

Josué Corujo Rodríguez
Josué Corujo Rodríguez
Maître de Conférences

My research interests is focussed in probability theory, specifically stochastic processes and their applications.