Further results on stochastic orderings and aging classes in systems with age replacement


Reliability properties associated with the classic models of systems with age replacement have been a usual topic of research. Most previous works have checked the aging properties of the lifetime of the working units using stochastic comparisons among the systems with age replacement at different times. However, from a practical point of view, it would also be interesting to deduce to which aging classes the lifetime of the system belongs, making use of the aging properties of the lifetime of its working units. The first part of this article deals with this problem. Further along, stochastic orderings are established between the systems with replacement at the same time using several stochastic comparisons among the lifetimes of their working units. In addition, the lifetimes of two systems with age replacement are compared as well. This is performed assuming stochastic orderings between the number of replacement until failure, and the lifetimes of their working units conditioned to be less or equal than the replacement time. Similar comparisons are accomplished considering two systems with age replacement where the replacements occur at a random time. Illustrative examples are presented throughout the paper.

Josué Corujo Rodríguez
Josué Corujo Rodríguez
Maître de Conférences

My research interests is focussed in probability theory, specifically stochastic processes and their applications.